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Study Abroad in Oxford, United Kingdom - Overview

Oxford Summer Experience is an academically exciting and challenging summer program for students who are aged at least 16. The emphasis is on an immersive cultural and social experience, and students on this course should expect to try a diverse range of different activities during their time in Oxford. The programs include accommodation in a College of Oxford University - a wonderful place to stay while in Oxford.

Dates & Prices

Session Price
Summer 2 Weeks 2019 $3,495
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General Information

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About Oxford: Oxford, as the University’s prospectus notes, “both a University and a City. Centuries old colleges, libraries and architecture are interspersed with shops, offices, houses and all the other features of a modern commercial city…” Oxford is perhaps the perfect blend of old and new, ancient atmosphere and modern amenities. Oxford is only 1.5 hours from London by frequent, non-stop and convenient bus service.

About Oxford University: Oxford has been a haven for learning for many centuries and is arguably one of the most distinguished educational institutions in the world. The city and the University offer an exciting environment with more than ample resources for research and learning. Oxford University has always provided a vibrant cultural, social, and intellectual atmosphere and is a favorite of many world renowned brilliant scholars. Instruction at Oxford is done in a highly individualized manner as a consequence of the tutorial system which is at the core of the Oxford educational experience. Oxford University comprises 40 colleges of which you will be placed in one of the following:

The Colleges

  • Christ Church
  • Hertford College
  • New College
  • St. Catherine’s College


  • Have a cumulative GPA greater than 3.0.
  • All ages accepted. Students under 14 are under 24-hour supervision including a school escort to and from classes.
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