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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How and when will I know if I am accepted?
A: Unlike most other study abroad providers, we do not have an "application" form. Students do not compete against one another for available spots; we close a program when our available housing is full. Unless you fail to meet the elibility requirements, completing this enrollment form immediately enrolls you in the form. If you do not meet the requirements (i.e. GPA, age, etc), the form will warn and stop you.
Q: I saw the program price. What other charges are there?
A: To complete this online enrollment, you must enter your credit card details and authorize a charge of $500 towards your program fee. In other words, if your program fee is 4,995, you will have a balance of 4,495 after your enrollment is complete. And if you don't participate in the program, we'll refund the $500 back to you.

You will also be invoiced for a $350 damage deposit which will be returned to you after your program, as long as there was no unreasonable damage to your housing.
Q: Can I start my enrollment form now, and finish it later.
A: Absolutely! You can save your work and return at any time to complete your enrollment. But don't take the questions too seriously, most of them are intended to get to know your goals better, not to reject students from the program.

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