High School Study Abroad

Program Policies and Release Agreement

Students and parent/guardian are asked to sign the application agreeing that this will comprise the agreement between Abroadco and its students and parents.


I, the undersigned (and my parents or guardian if I am a minor), an applicant for a program of Abroadco, Inc. (“Abroadco”), agree as follows:

1. I release Abroadco from any claims for damage, injury, loss or expense of any nature resulting from acts of God, war, strikes, crime, terrorism, or sickness. I acknowledge that I may be engaging in activities that may involve the risk of personal injury, illness, or death. I understand that I am responsible for exercising caution and common sense at all times to avoid injuries.

2. I understand that I will be traveling to a foreign country, with different customs, laws, and risks than I am accustomed to at home. I understand and acknowledge that I may become sick or injured while participating in the Abroadco program, I may be arrested or imprisoned, I may be a victim of crime and I may not agree with local customs. I accept the above-described risks involved with traveling. I agree not to hold Abroadco responsible.

3. I agree that if I become ill or incapacitated, Abroadco may take action as it considers necessary, including securing medical treatment. I release Abroadco from any liability relating to this medical care. If Abroadco incurs any expense on my behalf that is not covered by insurance, I agree to make immediate repayment upon my return. I acknowledge it is my responsibility to understand the limitations of the Abroadco insurance plan and agree that Abroadco is not responsible for any uninsured losses.

4. I agree to be subject to the academic and financial policies of Abroadco, including those stated on the website and in the most current printed materials describing my program and in all relevant pre-departure and orientation materials. I will comply with Abroadco’s policies, including its rules, instructions, and student code of conduct. I agree that Abroadco has the right to enforce its policies, rules, standards, and instructions and may at any time terminate my participation for failure to maintain Abroadco’s standards. I agree to indemnify Abroadco if I do anything that causes Abroadco to sustain financial loss or liability. If my participation in a program is terminated for any reason, I consent to being academically withdrawn from the host school and withdrawn from my housing assignment. I agree to return home at my expense and I acknowledge there will be no refund of any kind.

5. I understand that Abroadco occasionally uses statements by its students and/or their photographs in marketing materials or the website. I agree to the uses of my comments and photographs.

6. I authorize Abroadco to release my application and other records to my home institution and program representatives abroad. I authorize and direct Abroadco to disclose my records to my home institution. These records include educational, disciplinary, medical, and financial.

7. I understand that Abroadco or the host school may cancel any program or any course for insufficient enrollment or otherwise and that Abroadco may alter transportation arrangements, housing assignments, itineraries, and departure dates, and may make program changes or substitutions. I also understand that, if I leave a program for any reason, there will be no refund of program fees or any expenses already paid.

8. I understand that obtaining a passport and any other required travel documents is my sole responsibility. I agree to hold Abroadco harmless in the event I cannot obtain the necessary documents for travel. I understand that the inability to obtain a visa and other documents does not constitute grounds for withdrawal with refund.

9. I agree that any dispute with Abroadco that is not settled informally will be submitted to binding arbitration, to be conducted in substantial accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association. The location of the arbitration and identity of the arbitrator will be decided by mutual agreement, with the costs to be shared equally between the parties, and the decision of the arbitrator shall be final. I also accept that I cannot recover punitive damages from Abroadco. By signing the agreement, I understand that I am giving up my right to have any claim against Abroadco decided in Court before a judge and jury.

I/we certify that the information I have submitted on the attached Application to participate in a Program is complete and correct. I/we understand that Abroadco reserves the right to reject my application or dismiss me from the program, if after acceptance, Abroadco learns of a condition (personal, medical, and/or psychological) which in the sole opinion of Abroadco may endanger me or others and/or shows a history of an inability to adapt to stressful and challenging situations.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions in Abroadco’s literature provided to me, which constitute part of my agreement with Abroadco including following sections enrollment policies, payment procedures, change of status policies, refund policies, financial aid policies, student conduct policies, and passport and visa policies.


In general, a GPA of 2.5 or higher is required. Students with a slightly lower grade point average will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Students must also be able to adapt to a foreign environment. Some programs have very specific eligibility requirements. Please refer to your selected program for details. Abroadco does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, marital status, national or ethnic origin.

Applicants must submit the following:

• Completed Abroadco Enrollment Form

• Unofficial copy of your most recent transcript

Enrollment Deadlines

Places in the program are limited and enrollments are accepted on a rolling admissions basis. In addition to each program's application deadline, there is a payment deadline. While most program's application deadline is 2 months prior to the start date, Abroadco suggests that students apply at least three or four months prior to the start date of the program to reserve a place in the program and secure priority housing. Late applicants should contact Abroadco to determine if space is still available.


Students are required to pay the following:

• Non-refundable confirmation payment (deducted from final program cost)

• Refundable damage deposit

• Program price

Confirmation Payment

A $500 tuition payment is due at the time of enrollment to confirm the student’s participation in the selected program session. The confirmation payment is deducted from the total costs of the program. This payment will secure the student’s place in the program and guarantee housing. The deposit is nonrefundable, regardless of any circumstances, once a student has been accepted to the program.

Upon enrollment and receipt of the confirmation deposit, the student will be sent a confirmation packet containing a final payment invoice, insurance documents, passport/visa instructions and copy of the Financial Aid Payment Policies (please refer to the financial aid section for more information on financial aid policies and procedures).

Refundable Damage Deposit

All programs require a $350 refundable damage deposit with the final payment. The deposit is used to pay for any damages or charges that may be incurred during the course of the program. Any unused portion of the deposit will be refunded after the student has returned the Abroadco Alumni Evaluation. The evaluation forms are available to each student online at the conclusion of the program. Any student with an outstanding balance upon the completion of the program will forfeit the refundable deposit.

Final Payment

Abroadco accepts applicants on a rolling admissions basis, meaning applications will be processed until all spaces are filled. However, in order to register students for classes, make housing arrangements and plan excursions, payment deadlines must be set. Upon receipt of the confirmation deposit, an invoice is issued stating the outstanding balance. The final balance includes the refundable damage deposit. Final payments are due at least 2 months prior to the program start date.

Late Applicant Requirements

Students applying fewer six weeks prior to his/her program start date, will be required to pay a $250 surcharge along with the necessary application materials and $500 confirmation payment. Please note that the $500 confirmation payment and $250 surcharge will only be refunded if the student is not accepted to the program. Any student applying approximately one month prior to their program start date will be required to send in full payment, including damage deposit, and a $500 surcharge.

Additional Non-Program Costs

Fees for each program cover tuition, housing and many other services as noted in each program description. Students need to budget funds for additional meals, travel and personal expenses.


The following status changes are subject to a $150 change of status fee:

• Academic year students who leave the program after the fall term

• Students changing from a semester to a quarter

• Semester/quarter students changing to summer session(s)

• Double summer session students changing to a single summer session

• All campus selection changes

• Fall/spring or spring/fall semester changes

It is the role of the Abroadco resident director to present such changes to the Abroadco Programs Director, campus administration and parents, if applicable. Under no circumstances may a student enrolled in an Abroadco program withdraw from a full year session in order to arrange independent study at the same institution. There are no refunds for students who leave one campus early or arrive late at the other campus due to conflicting academic calendars.

Multiple Campus Enrollment

For those students who wish to spend a full academic year abroad, with one semester on one campus and the second semester on another, the program fee will be the sum of the program fees for each individual term. Students enrolled in one program for an academic year who opt during the fall semester/quarter to change programs for the spring term are required to consult with both the Abroadco resident director and the Abroadco Programs Director 60 days prior to the start of the spring term.

Housing Regulations

Once housing is assigned by Abroadco, the student is obligated to stay at the designated housing placement for the duration of the program. Requests for changes to housing arrangements must be made no later than two months prior to departure. For academic year students, changes to housing arrangements for the second semester must be made no later than the final payment due date. Students must conform to the rules and regulations of the dormitory director or host family during the program. If the student is asked to leave the dormitory or the host family due to do their misconduct (as determined by the host family or dormitory director), the student will leave their housing assignment and pay a $200 move-out fee. The student will then be issued a new housing assignment that may or may not be of equal quality to their original placement. The student will be responsible for any additional housing costs incurred by Abroadco as a result of the housing change.

Independent Living Arrangements

Abroadco highly recommends that students live in the housing provided. In some cases, students are permitted to make their own housing arrangements. Requests for permission to arrange independent housing must be made no later than two months before departure. For academic year students, requests for permission to arrange independent living arrangements for the second semester must be made no later than the final payment due date. Students whose requests are approved will have the housing and meals costs deducted from their fees. Abroadco resident directors will not provide assistance with independent housing and will not speak or act on behalf of any student who chooses to pursue such arrangements. Refunds are not granted for students who move out of their housing once the program has begun.


Abroadco makes financial commitments on behalf of its students well in advance of the program start date. All cancellations must be in writing via fax, email or mail. Phone calls are not acceptable. No refunds will be made other than those specified herein:

• If written notification of withdrawal or deferment of participation is received by Abroadco more than 60 days prior to the program start date, all fees paid, less the $500 confirmation payment, will be refunded.

• If written notification of withdrawal is received by Abroadco 30 to 60 days prior to the program start date, 50% of the total fees paid, less the $500 confirmation payment will be refunded.

• Refunds are not granted if written notification of withdrawal is received by Abroadco less than 30 days prior to the program start date.

• Refunds are not granted for meals, housing, tuition or transportation unused by students due to absence or any other reason once the program starts.

In cases where payment has not yet been received by Abroadco for reason of payment arrangements made between the student and Abroadco's Programs Director or financial aid deferment, 50% of the program fee is due.

Academic Year Students

Academic year students who have paid spring fees but wish to withdraw at the end of the fall semester/quarter are subject to the following policy:

• If written notification of withdrawal is received by Abroadco more than 60 days prior to the spring program start date, all spring fees less an additional $500 and $150 change of status fee will be refunded.

• If written notification of withdrawal is received by Abroadco between 30 and 60 days prior to the spring start date, all fees less 50% of the program fee, an additional $500 and $150 change of status fee will be refunded.

• Refunds are not granted if written notification of withdrawal is received by Abroadco less than 30 days prior to the spring program start date.

Double Summer Session Students

Students enrolled in two consecutive summer sessions, who have paid for both sessions in full, but wish to withdraw from the second session are subject to the following policy:

• If written notification of withdrawal is received by Abroadco 60 days prior to the start date of the second session, a full refund, less the $500 confirmation payment and a $150 change of status fee will be granted.

• If written notification of withdrawal is received by Abroadco 30 to 60 days prior to the start date of the second session, 50% of the program fee will be refunded, less the $50 application fee, $500 confirmation fee and $150 change of status fee will be refunded.

• No refund will be granted to students wishing to withdraw from the second summer session less than 30 days prior to the start date of the second session.

Deferment Option

Although Abroadco cannot, under any circumstances, refund the $500 confirmation deposit, students may defer participation for the next three consecutive sessions. Therefore, a student deferring for the Fall 2011 session, may enroll in a new program for Spring 2012, Summer 2012 or Fall 2012. Once written notification is received, the student will be sent a Future Enrollment Letter, confirming receipt of notification and noting the sessions for which the student may re-enroll. The student will not be required to submit a new application, but is required to send in a $50 re-activation fee along with a letter of intent to re-enroll. Updated information regarding courses and programs available, changes in session dates and program prices will then be sent to the student. Students are subject to current prices.

Program Cancellation

Abroadco reserves the right to cancel or suspend a program due to insufficient enrollment (fewer than five applicants) or a U.S. Department of State travel warning of unsafe conditions in a country. In such a case, accepted applicants are given the choice of (1) deferring to a later program session; (2) switching to a different Abroadco program site; or (3) a full refund of all the fees.

Change in Program Design

Abroadco makes every effort to ensure that programs operate as described in the published material. Occasionally, however, circumstances dictate that changes in the service, academic study, and/or housing are necessary or advisable. No refund or reduction of fees will be made as long as the altered arrangements are similar to the original arrangements, and students are able to complete the required work. Fees for tuition, room and board are subject to change from exchange rate fluctuation. No rebates are given to students should the dollar subsequently strengthen.

Promotional Pricing

Occasionally, Abroadco will offer promotional program pricing for a limited time. Only those students who submit the required application materials and fees within the specified time frame of the promotion will be entitled to the reduced program price. Students applying prior to the run of the promotion, or just after the promotion deadline, will not be granted any price adjustment or price difference refund.

Outstanding Balances

Students who are not paid in full by the final payment due date must pay an additional $150. Payments postmarked by the final payment due date will not be subject to this fee. Students not paid in full 30 days prior to the start date of the selected program are subject to withdrawal.

Any participant maintaining an outstanding balance during the course of their program, may be withdrawn from the Abroadco program, including dismissal from all university classes, housing assignments and all rights pertaining to a Abroadco participant. The participant will forfeit all refundable deposits. In addition, no transcripts will be released until the outstanding balance is paid in full. Abroadco reserves the right to transfer any outstanding balance to a collection agency authorized for collection by Abroadco, which will affect the credit rating of the student.

Any student who has made payment arrangements with Abroadco’s Programs Director (including financial aid deferment arrangements) and fails to pay per the terms of the agreement, may be prohibited from participation, or, if the student is already abroad, will be subject to withdrawal from the program. Any refundable deposits will be lost, and no transcripts will be released until the student has paid in full. Any outstanding balance will be transferred to a collections agency upon completion of the program.

All payments shall be made payable to Abroadco and sent to:

6929 N Hayden Rd, Ste C4-288

Scottsdale AZ 85250


Students currently receiving financial aid and/or planning to seek aid to help finance an Abroadco study abroad program, should contact the financial aid office on their home campus to determine what aid will transfer to the study abroad program. All forms of aid must be processed through the home campus financial aid office. Abroadco is happy to speak with students, as well as study abroad and financial aid counselors, about the way in which aid can be applied to Abroadco’s study abroad programs.

Students who remain registered at a U.S. college/university while participating in a Abroadco program are able to apply most forms of financial aid such as: Pell Grants, Stafford Loans (subsidized and unsubsidized), Federal Perkins loans, PLUS/SLS loans and SEOG (Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants). The student’s home institution must approve all credit earned abroad and this credit must apply towards graduation. Abroadco will sign a consortium agreement with the home institution, making it possible for the home institution to process federal aid for the student’s Abroadco program. Students are advised to apply early for aid in order to meet application deadlines. Rules of eligibility are determined by federal, state and local authorities.

Financial Aid Payment

In order to obtain accurate information regarding a student’s financial aid, students planning to obtain aid are required to read and complete the Financial Aid Payment Policies document, which is included in every enrollment packet. Each document contains two parts: the Financial Aid Disbursement Form (Part 1), and the Student Financial Aid Agreement (Part 2).

The Financial Aid Disbursement Form (Part 1) is to be submitted to the student’s office of financial aid and completed by a financial aid officer. This form indicates the amount of aid to be received by the student, the approximate disbursement dates, and to whom the check will be made payable. Students are eligible for a deferment if their financial aid is not disbursed by the final payment due date. The information obtained from the form will be used to determine deferment dates.

By signing the Student Financial Aid Agreement (Part 2), the student acknowledges responsibility for payment of the entire program price. The student must note how much financial aid will be used for payment of the account balance, and how much of the program cost, if any, will be paid out of pocket. Both forms must be received by Abroadco, along with any outstanding balance not to be covered by aid, by the final payment deadline. Any student failing to submit these forms along with any outstanding balance by the final payment deadline will be subject to an additional $150 late fee.

Once both forms have been received, along with any amount not to be covered by aid, deferment dates will be determined. The student will be responsible for paying in full the outstanding balance to be covered by aid within two weeks after disbursement. Any student failing to meet the deferment deadline will be subject to a second $150 late fee.

Participants who begin their program on a deferment plan, and withdraw from the program before the aid is disbursed, are responsible for making full payment to Abroadco.

In accordance with the common policies of many U.S. colleges and universities, Abroadco does not release academic transcripts until all program fees are paid in full. Program fees not covered by financial aid are the responsibility of the individual student and must be paid in full by the final payment due date.

Financial aid checks requiring students’ signatures are often not sent until after the departure date. In this case, students are advised to arrange in advance of the program for a Power of Attorney within the family so as to allow these checks to be sent to someone else in the country who can sign them, deposit funds and make payment to Abroadco.

Additional Sources

Other sources of financial aid are available including state aid (varies from state to state), merit awards, scholarships, GI educational benefits, and ROTC scholarships. Many financial aid resources are available on the internet and in the library for each student’s individual backgrounds or areas of study.

Abroadco Scholarships

The purpose of the Abroadco Scholarship is to provide support for travel costs to students participating in Abroadco programs. The average amount awarded is $250-$500 per program. Abroadco offers up to 20 scholarships per year.

Preference will be given to currently enrolled college undergraduates with at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA who also meet the requirements for the program they are applying. To be considered a candidate you must show leadership potential and be involved in extracurricular activities centered on multicultural or international issues. Candidates who meet the scholarship criteria and program requirements will have their essay judged by an independent selection committee. Students who apply for the full academic year are given preference. The decision of the selection committee is final and is not subject to appeal.

Scholarship Application Procedure

Applicants must submit: (1) completed Abroadco application form; and (2) scholarship application. Late applications will not be considered.


The Abroadco student conduct policy focuses on the premise that our students are guests abroad. The international community judges the US based on the behavior of US students. Abroadco students have an excellent reputation at our partner institutions. Future students are expected to live up to Abroadco standards.


As a Abroadco participant, students are obligated to conduct themselves as a responsible member of the program. It is known that the most important factor in a safe study abroad experience is the sensible and cautious behavior of the participants themselves. Each Abroadco student must make the commitment to be an informed, aware and cautious participant when making day-to-day choices and decisions while away from home.

Drugs and Alcohol

Students are subject to the laws of the visiting country. Excessive consumption of alcohol and use of illegal drugs are forbidden. If a student violates the laws of their host country, Abroadco cannot and will not intercede on the student’s behalf nor will the US Consulate. Once again, students are expected to accept responsibility for their own actions. Excessive consumption of alcohol and use of illegal drugs will place the student’s safety in jeopardy.


Many Abroadco past participants say their experience abroad with all its challenges and excitement was the most rewarding time of their life. The information and advice that Abroadco offers are intended as a guideline in each student’s preparation. Students are responsible for researching information and understanding issues that relate to the safety, health, political, cultural and religious conditions in their host country. The Abroadco pre-departure guide should be one component of the student’s preparation.


Students may be warned, placed on probation or academically withdrawn as determined by the Abroadco on-site staff. If the student is dismissed from the program, the student will not receive any refunds and academic credit will be forfeited.

Dismissal From the Program

Participants are expected to comply with regulations established by their host universities. On-site staff may establish additional requirements which are essential to the students’ achievement of their educational goals or to continuing good relations with the host university and community. On-site staff may dismiss from the program any student who does not comply with the relevant regulations and requirements as outlined in the Release and Agreement form. All students must sign the Release and Agreement Form included in the Application Form before being allowed to participate in the program. Participants are expected to take responsibility for their behavior or they risk early dismissal and consequent loss of time, money and academic credit. Refunds are not granted for students who are dismissed from their program.


Students who fail to attend classes regularly will not receive a transcript or academic credit. The host institution may fail a student because of excessive unexcused absences or failing grades. Attendance policies are established by each abroad institution.


Program applicants who do not currently have a passport should apply for one upon acceptance in the program. It is the student’s responsibility to secure any required documents. Abroadco will provide detailed instructions and documentation with your confirmation packet, and will be happy to answer any questions. Non-US citizens must contact the consulate nearest their place of residence to determine whether any special documents are required. Abroadco cannot and will not intercede for those who choose not to obtain the appropriate documentation. Students are responsible for educating themselves on any specific requirements for their selected destination.

This agreement will be effective when my application is accepted by Abroadco and shall be governed by the laws of the State of Arizona.

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