High School Study Abroad

Our Mission

Abroadco strives to provide affordable study abroad programs that deliver a quality educational experience while promoting cultural understanding and awareness.

We achieve our mission by adhering to the following principles:


Have you contacted our office yet? Send us an email and ask those probing questions. Everyone on staff has studied abroad and knows from experience the ins and outs of your program. We take great pride in building a relationship of trust with you.

Core Values

Abroadco was born out of our passion for study abroad and our desire to share that passion with others. It will change your life and we can’t wait to start organizing your program.

Cultural Immersion

Our programs are geared for full cultural immersion. You will live the life of a local student; stop for a café after class, listen to a live concert in the square, shop at the open air market for dinner... you get the idea.

Support Overseas

Our overseas staff provides academic advice and personal support. They schedule dinners out, orientation upon arrival, and excursions. They also act as your emergency contact.

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